New Feature: Advertising Reviews!

SAN DIEGO - December 20, 2014 - Artisan Software, Inc. is proud to announce another addition to its already robust set of compliance features built into Maestro.  Firms using Maestro can now allow their reps/advisers to submit advertising to the back-office for review ELECTRONICALLY!  This new functionality eliminates the manual management of paper and email based submissions, and centralizes all review activity within the built-in Workflow framework!

Firms used to paying additional fees for ad review services will see a decrease in their operating costs, because the Advertising Review feature is a standard feature in Maestro.

Another plus on the side of the rep users, is having the efficiency of a single system, which reduces confusion when it comes to the reps knowing how/where to submit certain types of information.  This also helps keep the time and cost of training down, while enhancing the reps' retention levels.  The goal is to keep it simple and centralize/leverage as much data as possible!

New Feature:  Service Requests!

SAN DIEGO - March 1, 2014 - Artisan Software, Inc., the recognized leader in back-office processing systems for broker-dealers, is pleased to announce that Service Requests are now part Maestro, Artisan's enterprise platform.

With the addition of Service Requests, remote reps can now submit queries, such as account setup questions, and other action items directly to the back-office using Repertoire!  Each Service Request is classified by category and then routed to the appropriate user(s’) Workflow desktops.

Reps no longer need to call into the back-office in order to initiate a request, the items do not fall between the cracks and get lost, and the firm has enhanced visibility as to the types of requests, their volumes, and time to resolution!

Best of all, it’s all tightly integrated with all of the other available functionality in Maestro & Repertoire!

Workflow 2.0 Released!

SAN DIEGO – September 20, 2013 – Artisan Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class back-office processing systems for the financial services industry, is very happy to be releasing a huge addition to the workflow system built into Maestro and Repertoire.

After the initial Workflow release in September 2012, our users asked for a better way to group individual items together for better and more efficient handling of the daily business.  They wanted to be able to link data with documents, and route the entire package based on how it is classified, to the right supervisory staff for review.  We listened!

Introducing Workflow 2.0!

This update leverages and builds upon the existing Workflow infrastructure, in order to offer users unprecedented flexibility in customizing the flow of business within their firm.  

The Workflow system was significantly enhanced to allow classification and grouping of documentation and transactions, as well as allowing for multiple tiers of review by both remote and in-house supervisory staff - all done seamlessly and appearing instantaneously on the users' desktops!

Maestro has been known as a best-in-class commission system in the financial services industry.  Now Artisan has brought the same high-performance and user-friendly experience to the integrated Workflow functionality built into Maestro....WITHOUT affecting the broker-dealer's bottom line.

Workflow Released!

SAN DIEGO – September 14, 2012 – Artisan Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class back-office processing systems for the financial services industry, is proud to announce the release of Workflow! 

This is a major system update to both the Maestro and Repertoire programs designed to enhance a firm’s services to its reps and advisers in the field.  With Workflow, remote sales teams can submit new account data and paperwork electronically to the back-office for immediate review, and get instantaneous feedback.  Packaging up paperwork and sending it overnight to the back-office is now obsolete with Workflow!

With Workflow, once a new account case has been reviewed by the back-office, any data, suitability or compliance issues can be relayed back to the rep immediately for quick resolution.  Approvals are displayed on the adviser’s screen the instant that they occur.  For the reps: No more waiting for overnight packages to be processed.  For the back-office: no more pouring through stacks of paperwork and forwarding to the funds/carriers.  Both the reps and in house staff now have real-time communication!  A true win-win!

Because the documents are submitted electronically, they automatically reside in Maestro’s document repository!  No need to shuffle between systems juggling data, reviews and paperwork!